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We are currently creating magic for our health and fitness community and when we are done we can hardly wait for you to come back!
For now, we are creating a health and wellness community over on our partner’s website –

Buz over and we will no doubt add to your health and fitness journey in the right way moving forward!

Your Fitness Passport

Linking you to your local fitness community, anywhere in the world

Discover & book all types of health and fitness classes near you, in one place, wherever you choose, for FREE!

With Partners in over 10 countries, no matter where you live we have a partner gym you can train at. 

Buzvil gives you control and the flexibility to train on your own terms to suit your lifestyle and will even reward you for it.

How Buzvil Works

Buzvil connects and supports the Health and Fitness community.

Buzvil is an innovative digital platform designed specifically for the Health and Fitness Industry to
connect businesses and consumers, enhance operations and support a successful economy.
Buzvil is comprised of two integrated platforms (dashboards); one for business applications and another for customer applications.
The business platform offers a suite of operational support services which businesses can subscribe to independently or as an entire package.
The customer platform will enable users to view Health and Fitness services in their area, book and pay for single visits/classes or packages with no lock in contracts.

For Businesses:

  • A customer acquisition, marketing and social media tool.
  • A business management solution for compliance and operations.
  • A unique PAYG system.

For The Consumer:

  • Find, book and pay for a session/class instantly and easily from hundreds of local Health and Fitness clubs.
  • Variety across the entire Health and Fitness spectrum (ie. CrossFit, yoga, massage).
  • No commitment. Train as much or as little as you want, where and when you want.
  • Rewards for sessions and products, with future development of gamification and augmented reality (think “Pokemon Go”).